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drawing classes

Each class will feature a short lecture on a new drawing technique each week, building upon previous weeks of instruction, and a project based curriculum in the second part of class.  Students will work at their own pace on personal projects of their own design and receive personalized instruction in how to improve their work as they go.

Materials for graphite drawing and inking pens will be provided to use in the class, once a student has completed projects studies they will receive an illustration board to work on.  Our organic class structure enables students to improve and grow as artists while developing personal style and new techniques under the guidance of the instructor.

Class starts on the first  week on the month.  If class falls on a holiday we will meet on a different day to make up.


Ages 6+

Wednesdays 5-6:30pm

Cost: $100 per month for 4 classes


Ages 12+ 

Thursdays 6-7:30pm

Cost: $100 per month for 4 classes



Both classes start at 5pm during the summer!


Monthly reservation required

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